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The Best Muslim Wedding Planning Checklist You’ll Need 21, Jun 2023

The Best Muslim Wedding Planning Checklist You’ll Need

Muslim weddings are supposed to be simple by nature. But if you’re an Indian, Pakistani, or from any other country, you know your wedding is going to be more or less a big celebration for all your loved ones and friends. And it will need to be perfect! Set the Theme for Your Ceremony Is it going to be sweet and simple? Or will you go with a big party? Is it going to be a combined ceremony, nikah and rukhsati on the same day, or will the nikah take place early, with the reception taking place a few days later, for convenience’s sake? Sit with your elders and decide on the typical Muslim wedding traditions you’ll want to have on your special day. And don’t hesitate to voice your opinion. Many couples in our culture try to stay quiet so that we can appease our parents and elders. But if you have a special request, say it now. You never know, your parents might be on the same track. Make a Guest List The location, the menu, the favors—with a set guest list, making decisions for all the important things will become a lot easier for you. But be warned when you start writing down names: it’s very easy to exceed the expected number because you’ll want to invite all loved ones for the occasion. However, in Islam, weddings are supposed to be an intimate affair. So, limit your wedding party to only those who you know will share your happiness. This thinking will simplify your wedding guest list by a lot. Start Searching for a Location Head out by yourself and start looking for good locations. Try to find one that satisfies the following requirements: Ease of travel Your budget Additional services Wedding theme Your venue should be easy to find and travel to. It should also be within your budget and offer the services you require without making it cost an arm and a leg. Find out if they charge extra for any themed decorations, ask about their menus and whether they serve drinks and bar separately or per head. And don’t just stick to a couple of locations. You still have about 12 months. Use this time wisely and look around for multiple locations. Confirm the Ceremonial Requirements If you’ve left the task of finding an officiant to someone else, that’s fine. If not, you’ll need to also search for an imam who can guide you through the nikah ceremony. If either party has been divorced and is now remarrying, use this time to make sure your legal requirements are in order.
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